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Dec 19
Welcome Winter with a Waterproofing System!

Winter is here as December 21 marks the official first day of the season and its an important time to keep your home dry in colder temperatures. Keeping a dry home is especially important in the Carolinas’ where our winter is unpredictable and not always characteristic of the typical icycle-lined rooftops and a fluffy snow bedded yard and walkways. Instead, winter in the Carolinas’ can be characterized by near freezing temperatures, snow, ice, rain and warm-ups that make us feel like spring is nearer than we think. Winter is the perfect time to protect your home from the multitude of weather conditions and leave you smiling for the sunny days that are to come.

Maintaining your external water management systems including your gutters, downspots and window wells is a major factor in keeping your home dry and ensuring water is being properly directed awat from your home. The accumulation of snow and ice accumulate can clog these areas and trap debris making them less effective. To combat this potential issue make sure:

1. Gutters are free and clear of debris.

2. Downspouts extend at least 6 feet away from your foundation.

3. Bottom of window wells contain several inches of gravel to allow for water drainage or a clear plastic dome should be installed over the window well to prevent water and debris from intruding the area.

However, simply directing water away from your home may not be enough to put your basement or crawlspace problems to rest. Mositure problems can remain due to cracks in floors and walls. As snow and ice melts water finds its way into existing cracks and these cracks can become larger due to constant freezing and thawing that is common in winter weather in the Carolinas. If this is your case where you are left with a damp, cracked basement or crawlspace, you need a permanent waterproofing solution. Carolina Basement Solutions can install a comprehensive system that includes a moisture barrier, a diverter, a drainage system, a sump pump and a backup system to properly divert water out and away from your home.

Call us at 864-480-8999 for a FREE consultation of your home or fill out this form. Schedule your free consultation before the first snow fall or ice storm and let CBS give you peace of mind and leave you to enjoy the winter weather cuddled up next to the fire.

Dec 11
Carolina Basement Solutions is Hiring Team Member!

Carolina Basement Solutions (CBS) is hiring a crew leader trainee to add to its team of staff. CBS is a family owned and operated organization that takes pride its experienced team who provide customers with the best and most affordable waterproofing solutions and services which are second to none.

Are you a hard worker that focuses on attention to detail? Are you a natural-born leader?

If you answered YES to these questions then you are exactly who we are looking for! Join our team of well respected, honest and thoughtful individuals who strive to ensure homes and businesses are safe and on solid ground.

We are currently hiring for a full-time Crew Leader Trainee to work from our Cowpens, SC office. Review the job description and qualifications below:


The CREW LEADER, with the authoritative support of the readily accessible company officials on specific policy, programs, and practices, is responsible for the execution of work designed by engineer and / or described by Sales Technician. This will require the management of people, equipment, and materials on the job in a professional manner. Crew leader will be required to perform manual labor and to operate equipment such as mini-excavators and other equipment. Crew Leader must have valid driver’s license in good standing. Crew Leader will carry out company objectives, policies, and principles as they relate to the company’s performance. The scope of these responsibilities include: (A) Safety, (B) Management of job crews, (C) Review and prepare for jobs, (D) Direct the preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance on all equipment, (E) Develop and assist in implementation of the training of crew members for all aspect of our work.



  1. Coordinate with Management the safety requirements for the company.
  2. Monitor job conditions in regard to safety concerns
  3. Monitor and lead in “Tool Box” safety meetings.
  4. Train crew members as to OSHA and CFS safety requirements

Management of Construction Crew

  1. Speak or meet with Operations Manager bi-weekly to discuss equipment or material needs.
  2. Review and inspect equipment and facilities daily.
  3. The management of raw materials.
  4. Review Job Spec Sheet and Job Cost sheet for each job
  5. Review daily installation logs to compare with job expectations.
  6. Prepare weekly hour reports on a daily basis.
  7. Complete pre-job and post-job surveys

Review and Prepare for Job

  1. Review Job spec sheet day before job and make sure that all equipment and materials are loaded on truck for that job.
  2. Contact Operations Manager and / or Sales Technician if there are any questions on Job Spec Sheet. Job site safety should be the first topic discussed.
  3. Discuss job and crew responsibilities in transit to job.
  4. Any change orders or variations from bid volumes are to be communicated verbally and then in writing with sales person and customer.
  5. Periodic meeting with sales consultant and operations manager to review job performance compared to job estimate.
  6. Converse with Operations manager or office at 9 am and 4 pm to determine job scheduling.

Direct the preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance on all equipment

  1. Utilize PM program for each vehicle, trailer,excavator, grout plant, concrete pump, drill head, and all other major equipment. Utilize PM program and inventory process for all hand held and other small pieces of equipment.
  2. Inspect all equipment weekly
  3. Assign responsibility within crew for the PM for each item.

Manage Inventory & equipment

  1. Monthly inventory counts for each location
  2. Advise Operations Manager of material needs based upon inventory levels, job needs, and upcoming jobs.
  3. Good housekeeping is a key to the management of equipment and materials. Inspect equipment and storage areas for housekeeping daily.

Utilize training program for the crew members.

  1. Utilize training program for our crew members regarding basic job site management.
  2. Train crew members to operate equipment as required.


  1. Safety on job sites which includes leading “Safety Tool Box Meeting”.
  2. Pre-job preparediness which includes usng estimator’s job cost spreadsheet, Job Spec Sheet, and other notes prepared for job.
  3. Review monthly of job cost sheets with management team.
  4. Preventative maintenance of equipment. Designate one hour per month per location for inspection of equipment. Review of PM status of each piece of
  5. Daily review of raw material inventory and general housekeeping of yard and equipment. Inform Operations Manager of needs.
  6. Complete and submit monthly expense report within five days of receipt of credit card statement.


Reports to the Operations Manager. Coordinates activities with Operations Manager, Management, Safety Director, sales staff, and Office Manager.

All interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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