Common Signs of Crawlspace Problems


Is your crawlspace wet or contain high levels of moisture? If so, you are not alone.

Water is the essence of life and is of course one of our single most important resources, but unfortunately water is also one of the leading causes for problems and damages to a structure. Therefore it is very critical to protect your house from water by controlling and managing the flow and path of water in and around your home, especially houses with crawlspaces.

When water and moisture is not properly controlled and when a crawlspace  is not properly protected, it can result in a multitude of issues. There are many common signs and symptoms of water problems in a crawlspace which include:

Crawlspace Water Problems – Signs & Symptoms

  • Wet floors
    After heavy rain events you may likely find water resting on the surface of your crawl space ground. Standing water or wet soils often come from your foundation being oversaturated after a rain.
  • Wet Insulation
    Wet insulation to the point of sagging signals a continued humidity problem in your crawl space. Waterlogged insulation can damage the wood floor joists, promote mold and mildew growth, as well as increase your home’s electric bills.
  • Wet Floor Joists
    Wet floor joists foster mold growth, which affects the air quality of the livable space above your crawl space and in turn affects your respiratory health. In addition, wet floor joists threaten the structural integrity of your home signaling that your interior support system cannot safely support the weight of your home above.
  • Wood Rot 
    Wood rot in floor joists is characterized by bouncy floors above the crawlspace and a musty odor. If left untreated, the floors can buckle and break, taking the joists and everything they support with them.

Eliminating these issues, creating a dry area and healthy air in your crawlspace  is certainly achievable and is only a phone call away. Call us or submit a request for a free consultation today. Our experts at Carolina Basement Solutions are ready to help.