Crawlspace Encapsulation

Throughout the Carolinas, houses built over a crawlspace are quite common.  The crawlspace certainly has its advantages.  It often allows for easy access for the installation, maintenance and repair to items such as gas lines, electrical lines, HVAC ventilation systems and plumbing lines.  However, the crawlspace can also present disadvantages.

In the Carolinas, we experience hot, humid weather, which can be detrimental for the conditions inside a crawlspace. Traditionally, houses with crawlspaces must have vents installed within the foundation walls.  The vents are to allow for circulation of air. However, the vents also provide a point of entry for moisture. Moisture can also enter a crawlspace from the soils below and/or from existing drainage issues around a home.  Moisture accumulation threatens structural elements of your home including beams and piers that weaken due to rot. Excessive moisture often occurs in homes with vented crawl spaces, rather than sealed crawlspaces.  If excessive moisture is not addressed it can cause mold, mildew, fungi musty air, standing water, pest problems and more. A crawlspace is part of the foundation of your home and should be treated with importance like the rest of your home. Homeowners can avoid structural damage and the other many issues caused by excessive moisture by having a proper crawlspace encapsulation system installed.  With the proper system in place, it will reduce temperatures, limit humidity, improve air quality and prolong the life of your crawlspace and home.


A proper crawlspace encapsulation system is one of the most efficient and effective ways to control the levels of moisture and humidity inside a crawlspace. Carolina Basement Solutions specializes in the installation of crawlspace encapsulation systems that are tested and proven. We use quality materials that far exceed the industry standard to ensure that each system works properly and stands the test of time.  Each masonry pier, foundation wall, opening and penetration is properly wrapped and sealed. The entire space is covered and sealed using an antibacterial 14 mil Flexi Seal vapor barrier.

Our crawlspace encapsulation system will:

  • Remove Unwanted Moisture from Your Home
  • Prevent structural issues
  • Energy Efficiency – can reduce energy bills up to 20%
  • Added Storage Space
  • Prolong Life of Heating & Cooling Equipment
  • Increase Value of Your Home
  • Promote Cleaner Air