Basement & Crawlspace Repair in Charlotte, NC

With an average of about 43 inches of rain a year, Charlotte is one of the wetter areas of North Carolina and gets much more rainfall than the rest of the United States. For that reason, many Charlotte homeowners wrestle with keeping water and moisture out of their basements and crawlspaces. Carolina Basement Solutions is dedicated to waterproofing and repairing these crucial areas of your home with skilled professionals and materials that far exceed industry standards.

If you’re experiencing any issues with moisture in your basement or crawlspace, don’t hesitate to call Carolina Basement Solutions at (833) 641-0517 or schedule a free inspection online.  

Signs of Basement Problems

Not sure if your basement has moisture damage? It’s not always readily visible to the untrained eye, so look out for the following issues that go beyond obvious leaks.

  • Efflorescence: These mineral deposits are white, powdery, and usually visible on the surface of basement walls. They are only visible when brought to the wall’s surface by water.
  • Condensation: This is often a result of poor air quality in combination with high humidity. It causes water to collect in a thin layer on items and surfaces, eventually leading to mold development.
  • Wet drywall: If your basement is finished and has water issues, the drywall becomes damp or even wet, and you may see water stains develop.
  • Cracked and bowed walls: Cracks and bowing of basement walls are usually caused by hydrostatic pressure when they occur in Charlotte.

Contact Carolina Basement Solutions for basement repair and waterproofing if any of these issues are present to ensure they don’t occur again.

Signs of Crawlspace Problems

Most people don’t inspect their crawlspace too often, making it easy to miss signs of water damage. Because Charlotte has such a hot and humid climate, crawlspace issues can escalate quickly and cause structural damage. If you’re concerned about water damage to your crawlspace, have Carolina Basement Solutions perform a free assessment for you. Common crawlspace issues include:

  • Standing water after rain
  • Sagging and wet insulation
  • Wet floor joists
  • Rotting wood

Carolina Basement Solutions is prepared to make any necessary repairs and provide the encapsulation services required to waterproof your crawlspace.

Water and moisture damage doesn’t have to spell doom for your Charlotte home. Carolina Basement Solutions is committed to helping you keep your basement or crawlspace dry and protected from moisture all year round. 

Call us at (833) 641-0517 to get a free quote, or schedule with us online for your convenience.

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Great job, Professional, Well done. Pushed up a sagging load bearing wall from below that was ill constructed originally. Floor is rock solid now. Roger W. Whitmire, SC
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