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A home in Garner has many benefits, including nearby scenic vistas and good schools. Residents of the city enjoy an above-average number of warm and sunny days, but homeowners also must consider the above-average rainfall in the area. With excess moisture and humidity come the dangers of mold, structural damage, and other water damage if homeowners aren’t careful to keep basements and crawl spaces clean and dry.

Carolina Basement Solutions knows it’s not always easy to keep your home free of moisture, so we make it easy with top-tier waterproofing and repair services for your basement or crawl space.

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Garner Basement Waterproofing & Repair

Carolina Basement Solutions has the expertise to repair issues from moisture damage in your basement, from minor issues to basement wall reinforcement. We also offer multiple methods for waterproofing a basement, including:

Don’t wait to call CBS if you’re concerned that moisture is invading your Garner basement.

Common Signs of Basement Water Problems

Not sure if your basement has moisture-related damage or is in danger of developing problems? Take a close look and see if you identify any of the following signs:

  • Mold or efflorescence
  • Leaks near windows
  • Condensation on items or surfaces
  • Wet or damp basement floors or walls
  • Cracked or bowing basement walls

Any of these signs indicate a moisture problem that won’t get better over time. Get a free basement repair and waterproofing quote from Carolina Basement Solutions today.

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Garner Crawl Space Services

Thoroughly inspecting a crawl space for the presence of moisture and the resulting problems is never a fun task, and that’s why so many Garner homeowners don’t know the condition of this critical home element. Carolina Basement Solutions offers essential services like floor and structural repairs, as well as pre-emptive waterproofing in the form of:

Whatever the condition of your Garner crawl space, Carolina Basement Solutions can repair current damage and ensure protection against future moisture incursion.

Common Signs of Crawl Space Issues

It’s crucial to ensure your crawl space receives regular inspections. A crawl space inspection will reveal common signs of problems, which may include:

  • Wet floors and floor joists
  • Wood rot
  • Wet insulation

Any evidence of moisture in your Garner crawl space is cause to take immediate action.

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When it comes to your home’s structural soundness, your basement or crawl space is a critical element. Unlike most basement and crawl space contractors, we back all our repairs with warranties for the peace of mind you deserve.

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