Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing in Greensboro, NC

Residents of Greensboro are familiar with North Carolina’s damp weather, but not everyone knows how important it is to protect their homes against water damage. Basements and crawlspaces are particularly neglected, even though moisture in these areas can quickly cause a significant amount of damage. Carolina Basement Solutions is Greensboro’s premier provider of waterproofing and repair for basements and crawlspaces and can make sure your home is fully prepared to defend against high moisture levels.

If your home needs waterproofing and you’re looking for a partner you can trust, call Carolina Basement Solutions at (833) 641-0517 to schedule your free consultation.   

Waterproofing Services for Your Greensboro Basement

Robust waterproofing can make the difference between a structurally sound home and one plagued with mold and damage. Carolina Basement Solutions offers Greensboro homeowners basement waterproofing solutions consisting of five components that work together to keep water out:

  • Moisture barrier: A non-porous material applied to the interior of the basement keeps all moisture from entering the treated space
  • Diverter: Ensures all water is directed away from the basement and into the drainage system
  • Drainage system: Installed beneath the floor to collect and dispose of stormwater
  • Sump pump: In the case of severe rainfall, your sump pump can remove thousands of gallons each hour.
  • PitBoss and battery backup: Keeps the drainage system going in the event of a power outage 

This comprehensive system shields your basement from water damage that so many homeowners struggle with.

If your basement has already been damaged by water or needs other repairs like wall reinforcement, call (833) 641-0517 to talk to Carolina Basement Solutions about your needs.

Crawlspace Waterproofing & Repair

You probably don’t spend a lot of time in your crawlspace, and you might be surprised just how susceptible it is to Greensboro’s humidity and precipitation. The vents typically installed in a home’s foundation are designed to keep air circulating in the crawlspace, but they also serve as an entry point for moisture that can cause severe damage. 

Carolina Basement Solutions offers encapsulation systems built from high-quality materials to keep your entire crawlspace sealed so moisture stays out. 

Quality You Can Count On

Don’t neglect your home’s basement or crawlspace. If you need basement repairs, crawlspace repairs, or other solutions, call Carolina Basement Solutions at (833) 641-0517 or contact us online to get a free quote on our industry-leading services today.

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Great job, Professional, Well done. Pushed up a sagging load bearing wall from below that was ill constructed originally. Floor is rock solid now. Roger W. Whitmire, SC
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