Basement & Crawl Space Repair in Hendersonville, NC

As one of the 100 Best Small Towns in America and a highly ranking retirement destination, Hendersonville sees a good number of new homeowners each year. However, these homeowners might not realize that with the city’s 52 inches of rain, compared to the national average of 38 inches, they need to pay extra-close attention to keeping their basements and crawl spaces dry year-round.

Carolina Basement Solutions provides our Hendersonville neighbors the crawl space or basement waterproofing and repair services they need for clean and dry environments. Call us at (833) 641-0517 or contact us online to request your free inspection.

Basement Repair & Waterproofing in Hendersonville

There are obvious causes of basement damage, like visible water leaking into a basement after heavy rain, but there are other signs that homeowners may miss — especially if the basement is unfinished. Take note of these indicators of basement water damage:

  • Sewage smell in basement
  • Damp walls or drywall
  • Wet or damp flooring
  • Bowing walls
  • Cracking walls

If your inspection checks any of the boxes on this list, there is a source of excess moisture in your basement that requires detection and repair. Call Carolina Basement Solutions for fast, friendly, and professional basement repair.

Hendersonville Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement is the most effective way to stop excess moisture from causing future water damage. Carolina Basement Solutions offers a full system consisting of:

  • Sump pump
  • Drainage system
  • Diverter
  • Moisture barrier

If you’re interested in a system that keeps running strong even when a storm or flooding knocks out power, we also offer a battery backup that you can monitor via app.

Are you ready to protect your home against invasive moisture? Call the Carolinas’ waterproofing specialists at (833) 641-0517 or contact us online for more information.

Crawl Space Repair & Waterproofing in Hendersonville

If your Hendersonville home has a crawl space, you’re likely already familiar with the need for keeping it clean and well-ventilated during all seasons. However, even with the proper care, crawl spaces can still build up enough moisture to facilitate mold and mildew growth, as well as rotting in crucial components like insulation and floor joists. If you detect any dampness in your crawl space or adjacent areas, call Carolina Basement Solutions for wet crawl space repair.

To prevent the need for future repairs, consider waterproofing services from a crawl space specialist. Carolina Basement Solutions also provides crawl space solutions, including:

Waterproofing a crawl space is a smart investment in preventing moisture from taking over your home, so call Carolina Basement Solutions at (833) 641-0517 to protect your crawl space.

Choose Excellence in Basement & Crawl Space Services

Carolina Basement Solutions is one of the leading basement and crawl space contractors operating in Hendersonville and nearby areas. We believe in end-to-end excellence, providing friendly customer service coupled with superb craftsmanship from qualified professionals.

Whether you need basement leak repair, a full waterproofing system, or any other moisture mitigation service, call us at (833) 641-0517 to speak to a representative, or schedule your free inspection online.

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