Crawl Space Services in Leland, NC

Coastal Carolinians know how invasive water can be to their property. It can be tough to keep your property dry between hurricanes, flooding, humidity, and major rainstorms. This includes everything from your living room to your garage, especially your crawl space.

Carolina Basement Solutions has the answer to any of your crawl space questions. We can assess your crawl space quickly and determine if encapsulation, vapor barriers, or other services are your best bet to prevent moisture. Once we have performed our repairs, you can be confident that your crawl space will be dry and safe.

We can quickly dry up your damp crawl space, whether you're right at the beach or further inland. Schedule a free assessment with Carolina Basement Solutions now to get started.

Discover Our Crawl Space Services

Not every crawl space issue is the same. Carolina Basement Solutions offers many services that could help keep your crawl space dry and free from mold, mildew, and other dangerous materials. At Carolina Basement Solutions, we perform:

  • Crawl space encapsulation servicesOur team will cover each pier, wall opening, and penetration of your crawl space with an antibacterial barrier to ensure moisture stays out. 
  • Vapor barrier servicesOur 14-mil vapor barrier system keeps moisture levels down by blocking water vapor from entering your crawl space. 
  • Dehumidifier servicesDehumidifiers are an essential step in removing moisture from the air in a coastal region, working in tandem with our other solutions.
  • Floor support & structural repairs: We'll identify the cause of your structural problem and recommend the best course of action to resolve the issue. 

Make sure your home's crawl space remains safe and dry. Get a free quote by calling (833) 641-0517 for unmatched crawl space services in Leland, NC!

Signs That You Need Crawl Space Services

As a homeowner, you must catch crawl space moisture issues before they lead to big problems. Common indicators you likely need crawl space repairs include:  

  • Puddles in your crawl space
  • There is a musty or moldy smell inside your home
  • Wet floor joists
  • Rotting wood or warped floors
  • Damp insulation

If you're experiencing any of these problems, contact Carolina Basement Solutions immediately. Call (833) 641-0517 today to schedule a free inspection.

Rely On Carolina Basement Solutions in Leland, NC

The team at Carolina Basement Solutions has spent years serving Coastal Carolina and the inland areas of North and South Carolina. We provide a wide range of crawl space services, completely customized to the needs of our clients. With our help, you can ensure that your crawl space remains safe for you and your whole family.

 Take care of your damp crawl space once and for all. Contact the Carolinas' waterproofing specialist at (833) 641-0517 to get a quote for crawl space services.

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