Basement & Crawl Space Services in Matthews, NC

Matthews has seen significant growth since becoming chartered in 1879. It has been growing steadily from its initial 200 residents to more than 32,600 in 2020, so homeowners live in homes of all ages. Older homes are more susceptible to leaks and moisture, but even newer homes can have wet basements and crawl spaces due to the high year-round humidity.

Carolina Basement Solutions has built a reputation as the Carolinas’ waterproofing specialists thanks to our wide range of high-quality basement and crawl space services. 

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Basement Services in Matthews

Whether or not you have a finished basement, it’s crucial to inspect the space for signs of moisture damage. While it’s easy to spot problems like a sewer smell in the basement or water leaking into the basement after heavy rain, other signs are more subtle. Here are some of the main symptoms of moisture issues in Matthews basements:

  • Efflorescence on foundation walls
  • Walls bowing inward
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Musty odor
  • Wet floors or walls
  • Leaking windows

If any of these signs appear in your basement, it’s time to call Carolina Basement Solutions for expert repair. You should also consider taking preventative action against future moisture penetration by installing one or more of our basement waterproofing solutions, including sump pumps and dehumidifiers. Don’t wait for moisture to cause mold, infestations, or other issues in your basement. 

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Crawl Space Services in Matthews

Common Crawlspace Problems

Crawl spaces are more likely to suffer from moisture problems that homeowners don’t discover, but it’s a critical space to monitor. If you’re willing to do the dirty work of inspecting the area under your home, look for these common crawl space issues:

  • Wet insulation and floors
  • Damp or wet floor joists
  • Rotting wood
  • Unpleasant odors

Should any of these symptoms appear, it’s time to call Carolina Basement Solutions for quality wet crawl space repairs. It’s also a smart idea to consider future moisture prevention with crawl space waterproofing measures, including:

Carolina Basement Solutions can repair and waterproof crawl spaces in any condition, restoring dry conditions and cleaner air to your home. 

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Choose Excellence for Your Matthews Home

Carolina Basement Solutions is a leader among NC basement companies and crawl space contractors, with hundreds of satisfied customers to back us up. Our dedication to constant improvement and unparalleled customer service are the source of countless referrals. We look forward to demonstrating our excellence in the basement and crawl space services. 

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