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Local homeowners know that Shallotte is one of North Carolina’s best-kept secrets. A small but growing population is finding that the views of the Shallotte River are unbeatable — but many are also finding out the hard way that coastal homes need crawl space waterproofing to defend against heat and humidity, moisture, and soil conditions.

Carolina Basement Solutions is proud to offer our neighbors in Shallotte the crawl space services they need to keep their homes dry despite local conditions.

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How To Detect a Wet Crawl Space in Shallotte

Examining an untouched crawl space is not a pleasant experience, and that’s why many homeowners don’t become aware of common crawl space problems before they cause damage. These signs indicate it’s time to call the Carolinas’ waterproofing specialists:

  • Damp or wet floors after heavy rain
  • Wet, sagging insulation
  • Wet floor joists
  • Bouncy floors from wood rot

Any time your Shallotte crawl space or the floors above it are damp, wet, or don’t feel solid, you likely have a crawl space problem. Other issues can be harder to break down, such as determining whether a substance is a mold or efflorescence — which are dangerous for your home structure and indoor air quality.

Carolina Basement Solutions can investigate the current state of your crawl space and recommend the appropriate course of action.

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Our Shallotte, NC Crawl Space Solutions

Carolina Basement Solutions offers a range of crawl space repairs to return your crawl space to a dry, safe state. From crawl space mold removal to crawl space drainage measures, we do what it takes to keep moisture out.

Our following solutions provide the most comprehensive crawl space water removal and moisture deterrence:

  • Crawl space encapsulation: We wrap and seal every pier, wall, opening, and penetration with proven and tested materials for complete defense against moisture.
  • Vapor barriers: Our 14-mil vapor barrier systems keep water vapor from building into a moisture issue over time.
  • Dehumidifiers: A dehumidifier helps combat the consistently high humidity in Shallotte.

Choose the Crawl Space Specialists

Keeping water and moisture out of your home is essential to your safety and your home’s structure. Carolina Basement Solutions ranks among the top crawl space companies in the Carolinas, and we pair our highly skilled craft with dedicated customer care.

To see why we’ve earned a reputation as the Carolinas’ waterproofing specialists, schedule your free consultation online or call us at (833) 641-0517 today.

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