Basement Repair in NC & SC

Wet Basement Repair & Basement Wall Crack Repair

If your home has a basement, you are most likely fighting a constant battle against water and excess moisture. Instead of a cool haven to store your belongings or spend time, water can turn your basement into a messy, moldy hazard where nothing is safe from damage.

The good news is that Carolina Basement Solutions offers waterproofing and basement wall repair that will keep water out and repair any damage it has caused in your basement. As the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist, we can help you protect your basement from water by controlling and managing its flow and path out and around your home.

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Basement Waterproofing for Your NC or SC Home

Because your basement is underground, moisture is its constant enemy. Without a reliable waterproofing system, your basement is at risk for mold, leaking, wall damage, flooding, and property damage. Carolina Basement Solutions utilizes basement waterproofing systems to divert incoming water into a drainage system and away from your basement. We offer a line of systems that are designed to meet the specific needs of your basement while fitting within your budget. Our waterproofing systems all consist of the same critical components:

  • Moisture barrier: Prevents all moisture from entering the interior of your basement.
  • Diverter: Maintains open pathways to direct all water into your drainage system.
  • Drainage system: Designed to accommodate a high volume of water, the drainage system is placed under the floor of your basement to collect and discharge all stormwater.
  • Sump pump: Pumps the collected water out of your basement and into a storm drain. The sump pump is the heart of any basement waterproofing system.

We also offer an optional (but highly recommended) battery backup system to keep your sump pump running during power outages caused by hurricanes, thunderstorms, snow, and ice.

Water Damage in Basements

Over 60% of homes in the US with basements suffer from problems caused by water and excess moisture. When water is not properly controlled in your basement, you will most likely experience a multitude of issues, some of which might even impact the value of your home. If you notice a white powdery substance on your basement walls, condensation, or leaks around basement windows and other penetrations, there is too much water entering your basement. You might also notice wet walls, drywall, or floors in your basement, all of which indicate a water problem. If the water damage is extensive, you may see cracked or bowing basement walls. None of these signs of water damage should be ignored; call Carolina Basement Solutions for immediate basement leak repair. We’ll investigate the problem and develop a solution to keep your basement safe and dry. 

Wet Basement Repair FAQs

Wet basements are a very common problem across the Carolinas. At Carolina Basement Solutions, we have extensive experience providing wet basement repair. Below are the most common questions we hear from our customers about their wet basements:

How is water entering my basement?

Water is in the ground all around your house and will find its way into your basement any way it can. It often seeps in through cracks in the walls or floor, the joint where the floor meets the wall, the top of your home’s foundation, and window wells. An experienced basement repair company will be able to locate where and how water is entering your basement.

Why are my basement walls cracked and/or bowing?

The soil right around your home is loose and tends to collect more water than the hard-packed soil further out. As this soil fills with water, it expands and grows very heavy. The weight of this waterlogged soil presses in on your basement walls, causing them to crack, bow, and buckle under the hydrostatic pressure.

Is there anything I can do by myself to fix my wet basement?

Attempting to fix basement leaks by yourself is not recommended. When water is entering your basement, you are up against the forces of nature. Only knowledgeable, experienced professionals can evaluate the situation and skillfully manage the complex factors at play.

Wall Damage in NC & SC Basements

If your basement walls are cracked, buckling, leaning, and/or bowing, they are suffering structural issues most likely caused by water in the ground around your house. As water builds up in the soil around your home, it exerts hydrostatic pressure against the walls of your basement. This causes them to bow, crack, and buckle. Basement walls are built to withstand a normal amount of pressure from the surrounding soil, but if yours were poorly constructed, they might not be adequate to resist this pressure. If you notice damage in your basement walls, call Carolina Basement Solutions for basement wall repair. Our highly trained technicians will evaluate your walls and identify the root cause of the damage. If poor water drainage is at fault, we will install a waterproofing system to divert water away from your basement, then repair your walls.

There are many factors that can dictate the type of repair needed. These factors include the type of materials used to construct the walls, the height of the walls, the height of the backfilled soils, and the extent of the movement or damages. After a thorough evaluation of the situation, we will most likely use one or more of these common and effective methods of basement wall reinforcement:

  • Carbon fiber reinforcement straps (CFR) – These straps are applied directly to the face of the wall and provide reinforcement and stabilization. This method is quick, cost-effective, and immediately effective.

Crawl Space Repair in NC & SC

Your home’s crawlspace is another area that can suffer from excess moisture. This causes a whole host of problems, including standing water in your crawlspace, wet insulation, wet floor joists, and wood rot. When water damage in your crawlspace grows extensive, it can threaten the structural integrity of your home and create bouncy floors that eventually buckle. Carolina Basement Solutions offers effective crawlspace repair solutions to stop water from entering your crawlspace and repair any existing damage.

Choose Carolina Basement Solutions for Basement Repair in NC & SC

When your basement is damaged or threatened by water, you need a team of experts to stop the problem at the source, repair the damage, and prevent future issues. Carolina Basement Solutions is your trusted source of basement repair solutions in NC and SC. We are local to the Carolinas and proudly serve South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and the Greater Charlotte area.

Our guarantee is to provide the highest degree of customer service and professionalism, which sets us apart from other basement waterproofing companies. We use only the most reliable systems and products available, which are installed by dedicated and trained professionals. We also offer same-as-cash financing to help you fit your basement repair into your budget. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote on repairs!

If you have leaks in your basement, cracks in your basement walls or basement flooding problems, call the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist. Call (833) 641-0517 or contact us online to schedule a free assessment in NC or SC today!

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