Crawlspace Encapsulation & Repair in NC & SC

Wet Crawlspace Repair & Crawlspace Waterproofing

Unlike a basement, most homeowners don’t spend much time in their crawlspace. However, a crawlspace is just as prone to problems with water as a basement is. Excess moisture in your crawlspace can cause mold, pests, rust, wood rot, and even structural damage. Calling in a professional crawlspace repair company as soon as you notice signs of water in your crawlspace is key to halting, repairing, and preventing damage.

Carolina Basement Solutions provides crawlspace repair and encapsulation to repair damage caused by water and prevent it from entering your crawlspace. If you have uneven or sagging floors due to extensive water damage in your crawlspace, we can install Strong Posts to create solid floors and, in most cases, raise them back to their original position. As the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist, we can help you keep your crawlspace dry and your home safe from the devastating effects of excess moisture.

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Signs Your Crawlspace Needs Repair or Waterproofing

If your crawlspace has excess moisture, you will soon see evidence. The common signs of water problems in a crawlspace include:

  • Wet crawlspace floor – Standing water or wet soil on your crawlspace floor after a heavy rain means that your foundation has become oversaturated.
  • Wet insulation – Wet, sagging insulation signals a continued humidity problem in your crawlspace. It also promotes mold and mildew growth.
  • Wet floor joists – Your floor joists form the wooden support structure that is under your floor. In your crawlspace, they are the wooden beams running across the ceiling. If they are wet, this means you have excessively high levels of humidity in your crawlspace. Wet floor joists will sag and rot over time.
  • Bouncy floors – High moisture in your crawlspace can cause your floors to sag. This results in floors above the crawlspace that feel “bouncy” and can eventually buckle and break.

Don’t ignore any of these signs – call the crawlspace experts at Carolina Basement Solutions for immediate intervention and crawlspace repair!

Vapor Barriers

Most crawlspaces have dirt floors, which naturally contain some water. Just like water outside your house, the water in your crawlspace’s floor wants to evaporate into the environment. When it vaporizes into the air of your crawlspace, it is often absorbed into the wood framing. Over time, this results in wood rot and mold growth. A vapor barrier can be installed over your crawlspace’s floor to block this water vapor and control the moisture levels in your crawlspace. Carolina Basement Solutions specializes in installing vapor barriers by installing a vapor barrier system to prevent the effects of water vapor in your crawlspace.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Vapor barriers are reasonably effective at managing the moisture in a crawlspace, but some situations require a more extensive solution to keep moisture at bay. Crawlspace encapsulation is one of the most efficient and effective ways to control the levels of moisture and humidity inside your crawlspace. While a vapor barrier covers only the floor of a crawlspace, an encapsulation covers the walls and columns, completely sealing all seams. All vents, holes, and cracks in the crawlspace are also sealed.

Carolina Basement Solutions specializes in the installation of crawlspace encapsulation systems that are tested and proven. We cover and seal your entire crawlspace using an antibacterial 14 or 20 mil Flexi-Seal vapor barrier. This not only removes unwanted moisture and prevents structural issues, but also increases your home’s energy efficiency and reduces your energy bills by up to 20%!

Flexi-Seal & Flexi-Foil Moisture Barriers

At Carolina Basement Solutions, we use the highest quality products to provide the longest-lasting solutions. Our commitment to quality means that we use Flexi-Seal and Flexi-Foil barriers for superior moisture control in crawlspace vapor barriers and encapsulations.

  • Flexi-Seal – We use this 20-mil vapor barrier to line the floors of crawlspaces for crawlspace waterproofing or crawlspace encapsulation. This reinforced, heavy-duty barrier is tough, durable, tear-resistant, and exceeds all building code requirements for crawlspace encapsulation. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty. It contains an antimicrobial additive for added protection against mold and mildew.
  • Flexi-Foil – We use this 14-mil vapor barrier to line the walls of crawlspaces in crawlspace encapsulations. Since it’s made of non-toxic aluminum, Flexi-Foil is not only a moisture barrier, but also a radiant barrier. It stops radiant transfer to increase your home’s efficiency and decrease your energy bills. In the summer it reflects heat, but in the winter it retains warmth.

Crawlspace Floor Supports

Houses built in North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina are typically constructed using wood framing materials, many of which are built over a crawlspace. Within a typical crawlspace, block or brick piers can be found, each supporting the floor framing above. It is not unusual to find areas throughout many homes where the floors are uneven or have settled, especially in older homes. This problem may become evident with cracks in interior walls, sticking doors, and sagging or uneven floors. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as natural settling over the years, heavy loads over unsupported areas, or rotten or damaged floor joists. Whatever the reason, Carolina Basement Solutions can install a Strong Post system to provide the necessary support to fix sagging floors.

Basement Repair in NC & SC

If you are experiencing issues with water in your crawlspace, it is highly likely that your basement is also suffering the effects of excess moisture. If you notice a white powdery substance on your basement walls, condensation, leaks around basement windows, wet areas, or cracked or bowing basement walls, there is too much water entering your basement. Carolina Basement Solutions offers effective basement repair and waterproofing services to protect your basement from water and repair any existing damage.

Choose Carolina Basement Solutions for Crawlspace Repair in NC & SC

Your crawlspace supports your home and safeguards the floors on your home’s ground floor. Allowing water to enter and cause damage to your crawlspace will eventually cause problems inside your house, or even in your home’s foundation. Don’t wait – contact a reliable team of experts to stop the problem at the source, repair the damage, and prevent future issues. Carolina Basement Solutions is your trusted source of crawlspace repair solutions in NC and SC. We are local to the Carolinas and proudly serve Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and the Greater Charlotte area.

Our guarantee is to provide the highest degree of customer service and professionalism, which sets us apart from other crawlspace and basement waterproofing companies. We use only the most reliable systems and products available, which are installed by dedicated and trained professionals. We also offer same-as-cash financing to help you fit your crawlspace repair into your budget. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote on repairs!

For crawlspace repair, crawlspace sealing, and sagging floor repair, you can count on the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist. Call (833) 641-0517 or contact us online to schedule a free assessment in NC or SC today!

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