Drainage Systems for NC & SC Homes

Water intrusion is an inherent risk in basements throughout North and South Carolina. In addition to fluctuating groundwater levels, basements face water intrusion from high rainfall and humidity, particularly in the South and coastal areas.

Carolina Basement Solutions offers proven basement drainage solutions to prevent water damage to your home. One standard method is to apply basement waterproofing to the exterior walls. Another approach is to install a basement drainage system, such as a French drain.

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What Is French Drain Basement Drainage?

Named for the drain’s designer, Henry Flagg French, the French drain is the space between the concrete slab of your basement and the wall, allowing water to drain outside instead of collecting inside. The simplest type of French drain around your foundation functions via a drainage pipe with holes installed within this space. 

Carolina Basement Solutions offers advanced industry improvements to prevent clogs and shifts in water flow that cause basic French drains to fail in funneling water away from your SC and NC home. 

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Which Advanced French Drain System Is Right for You?

Your home is not exactly like your neighbors’, nor is it exactly like the last home we provided with a new foundation drainage system. That’s why we carefully evaluate every NC and SC home to determine its unique water intrusion issues. Some issues arise from the location or structure of your home, and some include less common problems, such as the presence of iron ochre. Carolina Basement Solutions rejects cookie-cutter fixes in favor of customized basement drainage systems you can count on long-term.

French drain basement systems that we offer include:

  • The Below Floor Drain: This solution is effective for many interior French drains. Designed for installation below your concrete slab and on top of the foundation footing, this drain avoids clogging because the system is out of the mud zone.
  • Iron Ochre Perimeter Drain: Basements with iron bacteria will reveal themselves by forming a rusty, gelatinous substance called iron ochre. This nasty substance smells foul, stains anything, and is often responsible for backing up basement drains. This issue requires a drainage system with larger drain openings and an extra-wide channel.
  • Drainage plus Sump Pump: When you have a certain degree of water intrusion, you need a drainage system to funnel water to a sump pump basin quickly. Once the excess moisture reaches a certain level, the sump pump discharges the water away from your foundation.
  • Basement Drainpipes: Many NC and SC homeowners face flooding from basement entryways. In these cases, the best solution is usually a grated drainpipe to redirect water from the entrance to the interior basement drainage system.

Choose the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist for Your Basement Drainage System Installation

With headquarters in Spartanburg, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Wilmington, Carolina Basement Solutions serves the basement drainage needs of homeowners across the Carolinas. We reject manipulation, scare tactics, and the hard-sell approach in favor of an honest evaluation of the issue and direct communication about all possible solutions. Our way of doing business creates plenty of satisfied customers, and we look forward to making many more!

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