Floor Stabilizers

Common Signs & Symptoms of Settlement

Are you experiencing difficulty with opening or closing the doors in your home?  Are you noticing cracks within the interior walls of your home?  Do you have floors that are uneven, are sagging, or are sloping?  These types of issues can simply be a result of aging and normal settling of your home, but they can also be symptoms and signs of more significant issues.

  • Cracks in Interior Walls
    Cracks and separation within the joints, corners, and seams of the walls and decorative trim can certainly occur and to some degree can be expected. The separation and cracking can be a result of materials such as caulking and drywall joint component drying out. These issues, along with shifting within window and door openings can also be a result of the wood framing materials changing shape as they age. However, these issues can also be a result caused by movement within the structure.  As movement within the structural components (the foundation, the slab, and/or other supporting members) occurs, it can cause shifting within the wood framing members and therefore within the wall covering materials, decorative trim, etc. The cracks found within the interior walls of a home that are caused by structural settlement can vary in shape, size, and location. These cracks can be found within the seams of the wall covering materials and run within a straight path, but they often span diagonally through the actual sheetrock, drywall, or plaster material. The cracks and separation within the interior walls are frequently accompanied by nearby doors that do not properly operate.
  • Sticking Doors
    As movement within the structure (the foundation, the slab, and/or other supporting members) occurs, it can cause door frames to move into a position that is no longer straight and square.  This movement within the door openings often makes it difficult to open and close doors with ease.  Shaving off or sanding down the top of the door, adjusting the strike plates, and/or replacing the door are usually just temporary solutions.  In order to properly and permanently resolve the issue is to address the cause of the problem, which is often the floor framing which is sagging or concrete slab that is sinking.
  • Sagging & Uneven Floors
    Houses built in North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina are typically constructed using wood framing materials, many of which are built over a crawlspace. Within a typical crawlspace block or brick piers can be found present, each supporting the floor framing above. It is not unusual to find areas throughout many homes where the floors are uneven or have settled. This is especially the case within older homes. Within a typical crawlspace, block or brick piers can be found present, each of which support the floor framing system above. Conditions, such as floors that are uneven (with some areas lower than others) or areas which have settled are often a result of sagging within the floor joists. This can be a result of natural deflection within the unsupported spans of the floor joists located between the piers, a result of heavy concentrated loads along the unsupported spans of the floor joists (such as heavy furniture), inadequate spacing of the masonry piers, undersized floor joists, or rotten/damaged floor joists.

Floor Stabilizers

Floor Stabilizer Systems

If you have doors that are difficult to operate, if you have noticed cracks within the interior walls of your home, or if you are concerned about areas where the floors have settled, then contact Carolina Basement Solutions. We specialize in the installation of floor stabilizer systems that provide the necessary support for leveling and stabilizing floor joists and other floor framing members. Each system is constructed of rugged high strength steel, capable of supporting up to 60,000 pounds. Our durable, high-strength floor stabilizer systems are adjustable and backed with a warranty.

The system consists of PolyBase™, the new low-profile, high-strength polymer concrete glass fiber reinforced foundation to ensure the best stability and support of sagging floors and StrongPost™,  heavy-duty, galvanized steel column support. When utilized with the precast PolyBase™ polymer concrete base, sinking and sagging floors can be stabilized immediately.



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