Basement Wall Reinforcement & Repair

When thinking about your family’s safety in your home, your basement may be the last place on your mind. The walls in your basement can indicate your home’s overall structural health. If you have damaged, cracked, or leaning walls in your basement, it could be a sign of a larger foundational problem needing professional repair services. That’s why Carolina Basement Solutions specializes in protecting our homes throughout North Carolina and South Carolina – one basement at a time.

If there’s something a little “off” with your basement walls, call (833) 641-0517 to schedule a free assessment with Carolina’s Waterproofing Specialist today!

How Basement Walls Impact Your Carolina Home’s Structure

For most North and South Carolina homes, the basement walls serve double duty as both the foundation and retaining walls. That means they need to support the weight of your home while also holding up to the pressure of backfilled soils outside. Those outside soils can rapidly become heavier with rain and other elemental changes and can compromise the walls’ integrity over time.

It’s time to call the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist if you notice:

  • Horizontal cracks
  • Stairstep cracks (cracks that move up and to the side like a staircase)
  • Leaning or bowing walls

Does any of this list seem familiar? Protect your family’s biggest investment by calling (833) 641-0517 to Schedule your free inspection with Carolina’s Waterproofing Specialist today!

Factors to Consider for Basement Wall Repair & Reinforcement

When you call Carolina Basement Solutions for your free inspection, we’ll examine multiple factors of your home’s structure to give you the safest, longest-lasting solution possible. We’ll look at:

  • Wall construction materials (like concrete masonry, brick, or precast concrete wall panels)
  • Wall height
  • Backfilled soil height
  • The extent of foundation movement and/or damages

The Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist is ready to help repair and reinforce your basement walls with same as cash financing. Call (833) 641-0517 to learn more today!

How to Fix Cracked or Leaning Basement Walls

The most common and effective methods of repairing bowing basement walls are carbon fiber reinforcement straps (CFR), stabilizer systems, and helical tieback anchors (wall anchors).

By partnering with only the highest-quality vendors, the waterproofing experts at Carolina Basement Solutions proudly offer a 10-year warranty for all carbon fiber reinforcements. To see why we’re so confident in our work, browse our before and after photos on Facebook. Typically, carbon fiber reinforcement is the best solution for cracked or leaning basement walls. We’ll secure your home’s basement walls to withstand external pressure by applying a thin piece of carbon fiber meshed with Kevlar to the wall itself. This material is stronger than steel but easy to conceal. That means your home is protected from water and structural damage without awkward extra beams or wall protrusions in your basement.

Why Choose Carolina Basement Solutions for Your Basement Wall Reinforcement in NC & SC?

A safe basement means a sturdy, healthy home. The experts at Carolinas Basement Solutions have been bringing quality professional waterproofing and foundation services to protect our neighbors’ homes for years.

If you have cracking or leaning basement walls, call the Carolinas’ Waterproofing Specialist. Call (833) 641-0517 or contact us online to schedule a free assessment in NC or SC today!

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We recently moved into a new place with a Crawlspace. Our realtor had recommended Carolina Basement Solutions and we are very pleased with the work. The crew was very friendly and professional. They kept us updated throughout the day and did a great job. We had some follow up questions and the technical sales consultant came out to assist. Friendly and professional and our Crawlspace looks great. Highly recommend the folks at Carolina Basement Solutions. Paul S. Greensboro, NC
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